Quality policy

As a professional group of STB( Set Top Box) development, manufacturing and operations, we are compliance with laws and regulations and providing products according to customer’s request and expectations.As a trusted company, we will always try to improve the quality of our products by continuous technical improvement and development.
Our motto are:

1.Improve customer satisfaction

2.Expansion of service contents


Quality control and testing system

Based on our experiences in the field, we are conducting a thorough examination of our factories in China/Taiwan and in Japan.

Latest technology

At our company, multinational engineers are continuously engaged in product development. In order to absorb the most advanced technology from around the world, we have engaged various foreign engineers in product development which is the core business of our company.

Manufacturing partners

In factory manufacturing control, line management under the design engineer, close relationship with the factory is very important.Through partnership with listed companies in China/Taiwan, we have a strong relationship with our factories and conduct through quality improvement management, which involves auditing the QC personnel in charge of our manufacturing process. Our China/Taiwan partner has a worldwide network of hardware development and manufacturing. Unlike factories specialized only in manufacturing, the pride of our products and commitment to quality are key driving forces for the production of more top notch products.