IoT will solve the labor shortage and reduce the cost

At our company, we develop and improve IoT devices, IoT terminals, robots and solutions to improve work efficiency and labor savings according to customer’s requested needs, thereby solving issues such as labor shortage and cost reduction that our customers have, we specializes in business development solutions.

IoT solutions service


We develop and manufacture IoT terminals and robots to realize services and products that customers have been giving up due to problems of cost and technical know-how. We can develop new terminals and systems that match our customers existing system and services, thus contributing to cost reduction and improvement of operational efficiency.


・It can also correspond to small lot

・Provide development environment and CMS in the cloud

・Supports not only development and manufacturing but also operation and maintenance

IT operation support service


Form the introductions of business systems and IT equipments requested by customers, we will provide support and maintenance. We are engaged in a wide range of projects including sales management system, accounting system, inventory management system and development.


・Wide range of applications ranging from application system development to production of homepages and introductions of personal computers

・It also supports development and maintenance work for customers (in Japan)